Uses and Importance of Yams


Consumer demand for yam is generally very high and yam cultivation is very profitable despite high production costs. There are many uses of yams. Firstly, they are used in fertility and marriage ceremonies, and a festival is held annually to celebrate its harvest in many countries. Secondly, Yams are also highly respected and referred to as the king of crops in some countries where it plays a vital role in the cultures, for example in Micronesia, Melanesia, and Tonga the yam plays a central role in both in ceremony and deciding a man’s social status in society. Many species of yams are used as herbal cures and preparation of treatment chemicals.

Furthermore, yam is very important in the diet of the people in Nigeria and West African countries. It contributes more than 200 calorie per person a day and for more than 150 million people in West Africa serves as an important source of income. Yam is an attractive crop in poor farms with limited resources. Yam is also available all year round making it preferable to other unreliable seasonal crops. These characteristics make yam a preferred food and a culturally important food security crop in many countries.

Yams are rich in starch, and allow many recipes. Three of the best recipes include: Yam Soup, Yam Casserole and Golden Yam Brownies.